Eco Club


With an aim of creating awareness towards environmental preservation and developing sensitivity among prospective teachers towards immediate environmental issues, Institute of Vocational Studies has created a well functioning Eco Club. Its purpose is to nurture and highlight the importance of environmental conservation amongst future generation.

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Our vision:

To protect and create environmental awareness among future teachers and teacher educators by educating the youth and developing sensitivity towards environment.


  • To Aware the future teachers towards better environment.
  • To bring the Awareness on Climate Change.
  • To promote the level of the Health & Sanitation in areas by creating awareness regarding dumping of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste.
  • To motivate the future teachers to keep their surroundings green and clean by undertaking plantation of trees.
  • To promote ethos of conservation of water by optimizing the use of water.
  • To maintain cleanliness in and around the campus.
  • To promote the best use of waste material by reuse, recycle and reduce.

Major Activities

The Eco Club along with NSS volunteers of the college does its best efforts for environmental sensitivity

  • Organizing Campaigns against using plastic bags, loud speakers, fireworks, reuse of glass and metals etc.
  • Organizing rallies, marches, human chains at public places with a view to spread environmental awareness.
  • Organization of action based activities like tree plantation, cleanliness drives both within and outside the College campus.
  • Beautifying selected road side area, public places like hospitals, government offices, places of worship, etc., with plants and put campaign boards to generate awareness.
  • Plantation programme is undertaken at regular intervals through Eco-club and NSS in the college premises and places of social importance.
  • Removal of waste plants and thorn bushes is done by Eco club with the help of NSS volunteers and other student from time to time. The volunteers of NSS Units collect scrap materials like plastics, e- waste and other trash in the college and dump it in an appropriate place.
  • The Eco club of college organizes and actively participates in the Swatch Baharat Programs on a regular basis to make the students sensitized with such behavioural practice.

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