Institutional Objectives

Institutional Objectives

Comm-IT Career Academy ensures overall development of all stakeholders whether students, teachers, parents or members of society supporting effective accomplishment of aims. For this purpose, the institution has derived the following institutional objectives from its vision and mission

A Objectives toward Students
  • To nurture student-teachers with strong foundation of scientific temper and spiritual values and creating such healthy learning environment that cultivates critical thinkers with high morale.
  • To produce professional teachers with sound understanding and skills blended with discipline and commitment to work through quality education.
  • To create an understanding and respect for diverse people and cultures to promote universal peace and harmony
  • To promote the policy of inclusion and empowering students from disadvantaged sections of society particularly, girls and minority groups.
  • To supply holistic and progressive education enabling prospective teachers to engage in self-motivated, intellectual, and experiential inquiry for desirable outcomes
  • To ensure the acquisition of technical and vocational skills by students necessary for living and working in the rapidly changing global world.
  • To generate opportunities for preserving our socio-cultural heritage through a comprehensive program of activities beyond the curriculum.
  • To provide well-resourced infrastructure endorsing a joyful learning environment with a clean, comfortable, and attractive ambiance.
  • To acquaint the student teachers with the impact of globalization on education
  • To guide and assist them with career opportunities and promote their participation in professional development-based activities with an aim of making them a perfect fit for the competitive market.
B Objectives toward Parents
  • To work for the betterment of students in collaboration with parents through mutual interaction and sharing of information in such a manner as students are facilitated for fullest development.
  • To seek cooperation from parents to produce ideal teachers for the system of education and effectively achieve the decided goals and targets.
C Objectives toward Employees

Our employees are not only significant human resources but the pillars of the institution that enable the institution to exist, grow and excel in society. Henceforth, we seek their teamwork in the following manner.

  • To employ committed, capable and passionate staff.
  • To provide them well-organized orientation with institutional aspirations, professional development opportunities, and regular feedback as well as valuing their contribution to the continuing success of the college.
  • To encourage them to critically appraise all aspects of education and perform a leading role in the debate of educational issues and concerns.
  • To create and maintain a healthy and innovative environment that empowers each and every one to contribute its best for effective leadership and management.
D Objectives towards Alumnae
  • To maintain and strengthen a lifetime relationship with alumnae by providing them opportunities for constant interaction and participating in various college activities.
E Objectives toward local Community
  • To seek cooperation and participation of local community members and educational institutions to establish a social connect the immediate community.
F Long-Term Objective
  • The primary concern of this institution is to provide each prospective teacher with all possibilities to reach their excellence and academic potential through quality education. Our major apprehension is to bring equality and empower those who are disadvantaged in terms of education and vocation, particularly girls. We aim to nurture creativity, enthusiasm, resilience, and leadership qualities among leading generations to support national development.

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