Awadh Center of Education

COMM-IT CAREER ACADEMYAWADH CENTRE OF EDUCATIONAffiliated to GGS Indraprastha University and Approved By Govt. Of NCT of Delhi

Harith Prathvi Celebration

It is an awareness campaign for encouraging plantation of trees and saving trees was organized. The aim was to promote the plantation of trees and to create awareness and to educate the people about the benefit of forestations. A wish tree was decorated; guests, students and visitors wrote environmental friendly messages & tied them on wish tree. Students have played environmental friendly songs & spread the messages to save the environment through music. The event was huge success and was appreciated by the participants. The participants expressed their views and pledged to work for the environment.


The students took up the cause of preventing environmental pollution with Anti-Plastic movement in the college campus. The team of students under the guidance of Eco Club in-charge prepared information material, which threw light on the problems associated with the rising environmental hazards due to the excessive, unchecked and improper usage of plastics in every field of life. These also focused on different preventive measures and how to use plastic responsibly. The Eco Club team counseled the students for the responsible use of plastics and how to dispose them. The students were advised to use paper and cloth articles instead of plastic sheets, bags, etc. Since every recycling of plastics is harmful as it produces 'Dioxins' on burning and that are carcinogenic. The students were also advised not to store or carry any edible items in coloured plastic bags, as the chemical colours used in making them, are injurious to health, also let their family members know about this. The Eco Club volunteers were assigned duty to look after and tender the newly planted trees. In addition, volunteers will also create awareness among people of society to plant as many tree as they can.


Earth Hour is a global event organized by WWF.  In this global mission we have defined ourselves as a team to focus on few very clear and simple agendas of educating the future generations of this planet and make them understand the importance and value of protecting this planet. We believe once we succeed in doing it we will not only be securing our today but our tomorrow! The Eco Club team members participated in the "EARTH HOUR CAMPAIGN 2016". It was not just about a day for switching off our lights for an hour but design to be a moment for all of us to realize the intensity and impact of our presence in this universe and our responsibility to take care of our planet. This One Action Hour is supposed to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change.

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